Netroots Project Twitter

Iteration #1:

My project strives to examine the strengths, challenges, and future prognosis of digitally based social change.

My primary audience is  the greater community of social and political activists and organizers, both professional and volunteer. This audience consists mainly of adults between the ages of 25 and 65, most of whom have at least some college education and experience in the area of grassroots or campaign based organizing. My intended goal was to examine many of the issues which shape the landscape of digital efforts for people powered change in a way that educates and empowers those who work within this sphere.

This phase of the project was created in the form of a series of tweets on the subjects of various aspects of the current state online activism, both positive and negative. I survey a broad range of topics in these tweets, from Astroturf efforts by right wing front groups, to organized efforts for community change, to internet trolls.

 The advantages of Twitter as a platform for persuasive communication are many. As I was limited to 140 characters, I found that the best way to get my point across was to research and “curate” a collection of quality articles and links from across the web and blogosphere. In one sense this means that to some degree others did the work for me and my job was simply to hunt down the best examples of what I hoped to convey. This also proved to be a challenge, however, as I was at the mercy of information posted by others and had to really dig to find great and well researched articles free of very overt bias and new and relevant enough to apply to the present day in a changing digital landscape.