Spitegeist Media

Spitegeist Media is an independent business with a mission of digital empowerment. The word “spitegeist” is a play on “zeitgeist,” a German word meaning “spirit of the age.” I like to think that Spitegeist means “the spirit of the rage” – the fired up and passionate approach we give to all of our projects .

Spitegeist Media offers an organic approach to digital advocacy and content including email outreach, advice on crowdfunding and petition campaigns, website copy, social media management, viral content and creative, engaging marketing ideas both online and off.

Our favorite folks to work with are  makers, inventors, artists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs and community advocates. In other words, passionate people in search of passionate audiences. We believe great marketing is about matchmaking – spreading the word about great products and ideas to the people destined to love them.

In addition to content and marketing services, Spitegeist Media offers training or one on one personal coaching on a variety of topics, including:

  • Smartphone/tablet setup & customization
  • Personal computer & device maintenance
  • Software and online tools Training
  • Mobile device training
  • Crowdfunding 
  • Netroots Community Organzing
  • Online marketing
  • Digital Lifehacks
  • “Social Media 101”

Pricing options below or negotiable on a per project basis.  Services include free email support and a discounted rate for followup visits or ongoing coaching. Contact me or call 520-428-5501 for more information or an estimate.​

Digital, Tech Coaching & Content Services

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